Put the children in the centre to reduce health problems in the future.

The best way to provide services and treatment to a child is by strengthening and empowering the family as a unit. The solution focused approach, based on respect for and collaboration with the client, concentrates on success, exceptions, and solutions. Therapists develop goals together with the patient rather than imposing ideas and assumptions about what the client needs to do. A sense of coherence including comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness is important when health professionals try to find a way to promote health related message to patients and their families. It is difficult to force people to make lifestyle changes; if we try to do this, they will probably not come back. It does not help if the doctor, nurse, dietician, or psychologists are experts if clients/families do not understand or feel included in the treatment. Health professionals need to move forward using small steps and realistic goals and families with obese problems have to realize the growing awareness of playing a part in their own lifestyle changes.


Target group: Professionals working or going to work with obese children and their families with small steps and realistic goals. This model can be used in a wide range of contexts and settings such as social work, education and healthcare.


  • What is the difference between problem focused and solution building interview questions?
  • How can you/or your team work with families and children in need of changing their life-style?
  • How do you handle the feeling that you have very little impact on the patient and the patient seems to be resistant to acknowledging his/her problem?
  • Treatment of small children vs. teenagers – is there a difference?
  • What is important when working with a multidisciplinary team?
  • What do families and children want to know more about in order to achieve their goals?
  • Presentation of case studies.

TMK Konsult AB can be helpful to create Multidisciplinary Treatment Team working with childhood obesity treatment and prevention.

Ywonne Peterson, Sweden is a family therapist and holds a master in social work. She has been trained in SFBT (Solution-Focused-Brief therapy) at NIK (Norddeutsches Institut fûr Kurtzeittherapie) in Bremen 1992-97 by the originator of SFBT: Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg, Milwaukee, USA. 

Ywonne Peterson has been active for many years as a consulting supervisor and trainer of professionals who are working or going to work with childhood obesity using a solution-focused model. Her main interest is to integrate clinical and practical aspects of treatment, lifestyle changes and interview questions how to best help children with obesity health problems.

Short CV:

  • Supervisor/trainer/team member between 1999 -2004 at Childhood Obesity Unit, Malmo University Hospital
  • Lecturer in SFBT method at 3 days basic course in childhood obesity 2003, 2005 and 2007
  • Lecture in SFBT method at SPOC (Scandinavian Paediatric Obesity Conference) 2004
  • Lecture in 7th Update on obesity, New insights on treatment: How to make unmotivated obese families become motivated. BASO, Brussels 2010.
  • Lecture in BIT´s 1st World Congress of Endocrinology and Metabolism 2011, Xiamen, China
  • Lecture in Bit´s 2 ndAnnual World Congress of Endobolism. WCE-2012 Beijing, China
  • Lecture/workshop: Obesity & Weight management. San Francisco 1-3 dec 2014 USA
  • Lecture Bit´s 4 th Annual Global Health Conference 2016, Taiwan
  • Lecture 23rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference 2017, Berlin. 
  • In addition Ywonne Peterson has been training professionals in this model for many years.

Article ”Family therapy treatment: Working with obese children and their families with small steeps and realistic goals.” 

Acta Paediatrica 2005;94 (suppl 448): 42-44.

Peterson, Ywonne. ”Väga mig hit och Väga mig dit, Vad inte alla vet om bemötande och behandling av överviktiga barn och deras familjer.” 

ISBN: 978-91-85621–00-2, Kumlatofta Förlag, Sweden.


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